Health insurance that rewards you for being healthy.

Our new name is VitalityHealth

Our parent company, Discovery - a global insurance organisation - has fulfilled its long term strategic ambition to fully own PruHealth and PruProtect through the acquisition of the remaining 25% shareholding from Prudential. We're rebranding and consolidating under a single insurance brand, Vitality. VitalityHealth and VitalityLife will be the new names for PruHealth and PruProtect.

Our members will continue to benefit from innovative health insurance that understands the value of health, integrated with rewards for being healthy. And of course, the same committed team will continue to provide the best possible service to all our valued members and Partners.

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Changes to Vitality Partners

In 2015 we welcome some great new benefits from Starbucks, British Airways, Garmin, Bluecrest and even more devices to out Vitality Activity Tracking list. These changes also mean that some benefits will no longer be available.

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You’ll have access to the best possible medical care if you are ill

Full Cover

Unlike other health insurers when we say ‘Full Cover’, we mean it. We take care of consultant fees in full so you don’t have to pay any shortfall - as long as the condition is eligible on your plan.

Full Cancer Cover

Full Cancer Cover is included within our Core Cover and covers all costs associated with cancer.

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