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Health insurance advice from VitalityHealth


You will be able to remove members from your scheme as well as edit details of existing employees.

Reporting tools

You can request P11D reports and download member lists as and when you need to.

Vitality Programme Toolkit

If you're looking to promote any of the aspects of Vitality to support your own wellbeing plans, there are lots of posters and email wording to help you here.

Manage your scheme

Health insurance from PruHealth with Vitality

Administrators for your scheme can register using their VitalityHealth membership number.

If you’d like to register and are not a member of your company’s PMI scheme, email the broker servicing team or phone 0345 075 1113, or email the corporate servicing team or phone 0345 075 1116.

Calls may be recorded/monitored to help improve customer service.