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You can choose between Vitality GP Select or three different hospital lists. Whichever option you choose, we use the leading private hospitals in the UK to make sure you get best possible care. They all offer first-class facilities and clean, comfortable surroundings.

Vitality GP Select

If you choose Vitality GP Select you’ll need to speak to a Vitality GP to make a claim, instead of contacting VitalityHealth. Often, the Vitality GP will be able to authorise your claim and refer you to an appropriate and convenient provider. In some cases, the Vitality GP may feel you need a face-to-face consultation to determine the correct treatment, and you’ll need to see an NHS GP and ask for an open referral. Choosing Vitality GP Select will save money on your premium.

To be able to use the Vitality GP service you’ll need an Apple or Android device to download the Vitality GP app from the App Store or Google play. Find out more and view the full list of compatible devices.

Our hospital lists

Alternatively, you can choose a list of hospitals where you can get treated, depending on where you live and how much you want to pay.

We've got three different hospital lists for you to choose from. When you need treatment, you will go to a hospital on your chosen hospital list.

Local Hospital List

This hospital list includes:
  • All recognised hospitals in the UK’s largest hospital groups, BMI Healthcare, Nuffield Health, Spire Healthcare, Aspen and Ramsay Health Care
  • Some Independent providers including the New Victoria Hospital
  • No Central London hospitals

Countrywide Hospital List

This hospital list includes:
  • All recognised hospitals from the UK’s largest private hospital groups, Aspen, Spire Healthcare, BMI Healthcare, Ramsay Health Care and Nuffield Health
  • The London Clinic, King Edward VII’s Hospital Sister Agnes and the Hospital of St John and St Elizabeth
  • Most other private hospitals outside of London
  • All NHS Private Patient Units outside of London
  • Some Central London NHS Private Patient Units

Countrywide Plus Hospital List

This hospital list includes:
  • All private hospitals in the UK
  • All NHS hospitals with private facilities in the UK

Use our hospital finder to search for the hospital closest to you - just be sure it's included in the list you've chosen.

If you use a hospital that isn't on your chosen hospital list, then you'll need to pay 40% of your treatment costs, excluding the specialist's fees. If you want to avoid paying this, you'll need to travel to a different hospital on your list. But if you need treatment that the hospitals on your list can't give you, contact us and we'll find a hospital and consultant to give you the treatment you need.

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