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    Private Medical Health Insurance

    • Health Insurance core cover - VitalityHealth

      Core Cover

      Your health insurance plan starts with Core Cover. This includes in-patient and day-patient treatment. If you get ill and need treatment, we make sure you get the best possible medical care - and we give you access to the latest drugs and treatments that are covered on your plan.

    • VitalityGP2

      Vitality GP

      You get access to Vitality GP as part of your Core Cover. Using our free app you can book a video consultation with a Vitality GP within 48 hours, including Saturdays. We give you £100 towards private prescriptions and minor diagnostic tests and the Vitality GPs can authorise most onward referrals.

    • Personal medical cover - VitalityHealth

      Cover Options

      Everyone’s needs and budget are different. So you can choose from a range of health cover options to create a plan that's just right for you.

    • Private health insurance - choose your hospital - VitalityHealth UK

      Choose your hospital

      You can choose Vitality GP Select which means a Vitality GP will determine your treatment pathway or you can choose from three different hospital lists depending on where you live and how much you want to pay.

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