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It’s easy to get healthier with a Fitbug. Clip it to your belt or pop it in your pocket and see how many steps you take each day. There are lots of ways you could reach your daily target. It could be something you already do, like walking the dog. Or getting off the bus one stop earlier and walking a little further to work. You might enjoy a round of golf or jogging in the park. It could all make a difference.

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    What is a Fitbug?

    Fitbug Go

    The Fitbug Go is a matchbox-sized gadget which allows you to keep track of every step you take and calories burned. It links via your PC, with the USB cable provided, to upload your data and monitor your progress and achievements. Simply pop it in your pocket and each step you take will be recorded.

    Fitbug Air and Fitbug Orb

    The Air model works in the same way as the Fitbug Go and can also be used with a smartphone or tablet. It's compatible with the iPhone 4S and above. There's no need to charge the Bug, and the battery should last from four to six months with regular use. You can also opt for the Fitbug Orb model which allows you to see your progress on screen and send your stats wirelessly to your computer.

    You can get the Fitbug Go or Fitbug Orb for £34.95 (including P&P) or a Fitbug Air for £39.95 (including P&P).

    How do I earn Vitality points with Fitbug?

    Each day you take between 7,000 and 9,999 steps, we’ll give you three Vitality points. Each day you take between 10,000 and 12,499 steps you'll get five Vitality points. Take 12,500 steps and we'll give you ten Vitality points. To track your progress, register with Fitbug and upload your stats regularly. Fitbug will send us this information and we'll update your Vitality points automatically.

    You can earn a maximum of 40 Vitality points per week for getting active.

    Prices are correct as of 1 January 2014

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