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50% off a polar heart rate monitor, sensor or cycling computer 


The process of getting healthier doesn’t have to be restricted to the gym. As a Vitality member, you can receive 50% off a selected Garmin or Polar device per adult member during the lifetime of your plan. So you can earn Vitality points when you're doing other healthy things. Use it when you go for a run or if you're out on a Sunday afternoon bike ride.

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  • How do they work?

    Polar devices help people to train at the right intensity. When you start exercising, your heart rate increases rapidly in proportion to the intensity of the exercise that you are doing. With Polar Heart Rate Monitors, the transmitter belt detects the electric signal originating from your heart - and sends a signal to the Polar receiver where heart rate information appears.

    So it’s a bit like a rev counter on your wrist or phone giving you a really precise measurement of how intensely you are exercising and helping you see if you’re on the right track and getting the most from your workout.

    Earn vitality points for your work outs

    30 minutes of exercise at 60% of your age-related maximum heart rate equals five Vitality points, while 60 minutes at 60% will earn you ten Vitality points. You can achieve that same number of points by doing 30 minutes at 70%. You can earn a maximum of 40 Vitality points per week for getting active.

    Register your Polar device with Vitality as soon as it arrives so that you can start earning Vitality points. Please ensure that your device has an ability to upload your workout data in order to be eligible.

    Discount correct as of 1 January 2015.

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