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Understand your health with a free Vitality Healthcheck

One adult member per plan can have a free Vitality Healthcheck with roadtohealth every plan year to help them understand their health. All other adult members can book a Vitality Healthcheck for £15.

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  • A Vitality Healthcheck is a consultation of up to 30 minutes, available in selected pharmacies across the country. Having a Vitality Healthcheck can help you to understand how healthy you are and identify areas that might need improving.

    Earn Vitality points

    A Vitality Healthcheck will help you to keep on top of your key health numbers including:

    • Blood pressure
    • Body Mass Index
    • Glucose
    • Cholesterol
    • Non-smokers test (cotinine)

    We’ll give you 60 Vitality points when you have your key health numbers measured as part of a Vitality Healthcheck. We’ll give you another 60 points for each healthy result. We’ll also award 300 Vitality points for each adult on your plan if they have also passed a non-smokers test. You can earn these points once each plan year.

    Details correct as of 1 January 2014. Terms and conditions apply. 

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