Vitality Activity Tracking

Vitality Activity Tracking

Vitality Activity

Track your activity and earn Vitality points

Vitality activity tracking

Vitality members can track their activity while earning Vitality points for their workouts. Use a wide range of fitness devices and mobile apps including the free Moves app!

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  • Track and earn Vitality points 

    Vitality members can choose from a variety of devices that they can link to Vitality and earn Vitality points with. Whether it's improving your fitness level, losing weight, or simply working on your overall health - the choice is yours, simply link a device from the list below and start earning!

    How it works

    Our members can earn Vitality points by being active. This can be made up from visits to our partner gym, parkrun events, or activities measured with a compatible fitness device or mobile app. With a device you can earn points for stepping, burning calories and raising your heart rate within a specific range. Don't forget, the more points you earn, the bigger rewards you can get.

    Simply choose a device below and follow the instructions to start earning Vitality points. Please note that for Garmin you must use the same computer you normally use to upload your device data.

    Moves - Free app

    It turns your smartphone into a device that tracks your activity.

    Moves is available on both iPhone and Android devices. Vitality members, can use it to link to Vitality in order to track their progress and earn points.

    Polar and Garmin

    Choose from a selection of heart rate monitors for running, fitness & cross-training.

    If you are a Vitality member you can get 50% off one eligible Polar or Garmin device during the lifetime of your plan.


    Fitbug is a pocket-sized device combined with an online program to help manage your nutrition, monitor your activity and fulfil your own personal goals. By encouraging gradual lifestyle changes rather than fad eating or gruelling exercise plans, Fitbug motivates you to make realistic lifestyle changes. Fitbug will count the steps you take, calculate the calories you burn and the distance you walk.

    If you are a Vitality member you can get your Fitbug at a special discounted price.

    Other devices you can use to collect Vitality points:

    You can also link your Fitbit and Misfit.

    How can members earn Vitality points with these devices?

    If you are a Vitality member, you can earn Vitality points for exercising with your Vitality linked device. When you link your device to Vitality it sends us information about your workout so we can award you Vitality points when you exercise within the ranges shown below:

    Exercise with a heart rate monitor Points
    Exercising at 70% of your age related maximum heart rate for 30 minutes + 10 points
    Exercising at 60% of your age related maximum heart rate for 60 minutes + 10 points
    Exercising at 60% of your age related maximum heart rate for 30-60 minutes 5 points

    Calories burned Points
    Burning an average 600 calories per hour for 30 minutes+ 10 points
    Burning an average 300 calories per hour for 60 minutes +                           
    10 points
    Burning an average 300 calories per hour for 30-60 minutes 5 points

    Counting  your steps Points
    12,500+ steps in a day 10 points
    10,000 - 12,499 steps in a day                                                                    
    5 points
    7,000 - 9,999 steps in a day                                                                       
    3 points

    Vitality members log in to link your device

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